Solar Pool Heating System

Waterlinx Solar Heating Panels

Tough long life UV stabilised  Poly Propylene Construction: FACTORY WARRANTY

UV Resistant, Cockatoo and Vermin resistant, prorated warranty

No lateral joins on the collector panel

Simple design, efficient, no tubes and grommets to join like the traditional rubber mats
Low wind chill factor, since no space in between the 215 side by side water channels, every channels transfers the sun?s heat in the system
Single section  fused solar collector  panel   no joins on the solar collector surface, integrated one piece panel, no tubes to connect

Compact integrated  water channel design

More water per square meter, greater efficiency, channels side by side insulate each other reducing heat loss
Less panels required on your roof

Alternative fixing methods, bolt on, screw on, webbing or tie downs depending on
your roof type,
angle and capacity.

We use a variety of fixing methods designed for different applications.

All systems properly fitted withstand higher  winds than rubber matting. Strapped down, secured to rafters or bolted on to brackets.

More water per square meter on your roof up to 60% more water

Efficient heating, less time needed to circulate water through the solar heating system

Modular design

Looks neater.   Easier to install, takes up less roof  space to heat same water volume.

Flexible plumbing connection

Panels can be connected to existing plumbing with a booster pump or as an independent system if plumbing exists for a stand alone system

Solar Blankets are highly recommended, please advise the size for a price estimate, blankets further enhance the solar heating system efficiency


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